Hi Jake!


Thanks for taking the time to click through the ad.

This is simply my effort to get your attention. I am really interested in working as a “Sales Rep” for Outbound Creative.  This position seems to really fit what I am looking for and matches the skills and qualifications I have acquired through my background as well as my work experienceAs a founder of StartUpLift, I have been working directly with startups and small businesses to help them acquire more customers. In other words, directly and indirectly, I have been selling to B2B market for a while, being directly responsible for signing up over 700 clients.

By communicating constantly (via phone, email, and occasionally in person) and asking questions effectively, I built trust with the clients and helped them discover their needs. I then presented clients with recommendations that addressed their key objectives and bottlenecks.

From coding to marketing/sales and client outreach to customer support, I have directly managed every aspect of the company – working hard with key stakeholders to get projects done, on time.
Being directly responsible for sales, this experience has made me more of a “Growth Hacker” – utilizing ad platforms (AdWords, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook Ads, etc.) as well as remarketing, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing and other strategies to drive sales and growth.

I good with numbers, and thoroughly familiar with latest technology, tools and funnels that need to be in place to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

While working at StartUpLift was a great learning experience, I have also realized the need to be a part of a dynamic team that offers me more opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Previously, I have had several IT/Finance related corporate and non-profit jobs. My work experience has lent me exposure to the diverse issues that businesses and managers face every day. It has helped me develop my business acumen, taught me the dynamics of project team work, and honed my abilities to problem solve with creativity and resourcefulness under strict time pressure.

I am applying today as a candidate with strong analytical, organizational, technical, and interpersonal skills who approaches his work with drive, discipline, and enthusiasm. I hope to hear from you soon.

Pranaya Ghimire